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DumboFab DVD Ripper for Mac can effortlessly and fast convert DVD files to any prevailed video and audio formats with excellent output video quality. Besides that, this application offers a library of preprogrammed optimization profiles for specific devices such as smartphones, tablets, gaming systems, smart TVs, VR and more. Below are the detailed steps on how to use 64-bit DumboFab DVD Ripper on macOS Catalina.

Note: For Mac 32-bit (10.9-10.14) users, please refer to the 32-bit User Guide >>.

Launch DumboFab DVD Ripper and load the source

Insert your DVD disc into your computer's DVD-Rom, start up DVD Ripper and click the Load DVD button to begin uploading files. You can also import ISO files, IFO files or DVD folder for conversion.

Load DVD Files

Tips: A DVD may contain many titles more than the main movie, such as the trailers or commercials. By default, DumboFab DVD Ripper choose the longest title which is usually contains the main movie. And this helps ripping without converting unnecessary titles.

Rip & Convert DVD to Digital or Device

This module of the software allows converting your DVDs to any common and uncommon video and audio formats. In addition to digital formats, Dumbosoft DVD Ripper also offers a library of preprogrammed optimization profiles for almost all popular devices, NLEs and many more.

Clicking the Format bar, you can choose output format from the format list or customize which formats to be shown on the list. As you see, all regular video and audio formats like MP4, MOV, MKV, WMV, AVI, FLV, MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, etc. are provided.

Choose Output Format

If you want to convert your DVD movies for play on portable devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S5, S4, Nokia, SSony, PSP, Xbox 360 and more, you can simply browse to find device and select it as the output format to get videos with optimized settings. All idevice output files can be synced to iTunes automatically.

Choose Output Device

Tips: If you want to customize output video quality, click Settings button from the pop up window to customize video quality like resolution, frame rate, bit rate, audio quality etc.. You can also see the inner values of the source DVD file and the target output video under the Settings window.

Advanced Settings

Select One Audio and Subtitle Track (Optional)

Once the files are loaded, you can select one of audio or subtitle tracks you prefer from the corresponding drop-down Audio or Subtitle lists. As you see, you can also select Forced Subtitles if the movie contain forced subtitles.

Note: If you skip this step, by default, the program will select the first audio track and select no subtitle.

Selected Desired Audio or Subtitle

Copy Main Movie from DVD

Besides digitizing DVD, DumboFab DVD Ripper also offers enough freedom for all DVD movie lovers like you to back up your favorite DVD movies in a personalized way. You can directly copy the main movie as a single VOB file or preserve DVD’s original file structure without changing anything.

By choosing Copy > Directly Copy, you are ale to copy the selected movie file in its original format without quality loss. When directly copy a DVD movie, you will get .vob as output. Finally, click Convert button to start the copy process.

directly copy

Copy the Entire DVD Disc

If you want to preserve DVD’s original file structure without changing anything, you needn’t set here, just use Copy the entire disc feature. Once click the Copy the entire disc button, the program will directly copy the disc immediately.

copy entire disc

edit Edit

DumboFab DVD Ripper also comes with a built-in video editor for you to customize DVD movies as per your needs. You can rotate the videos, apply special visual effects, change the video parameters, trim video, crop video, add subtitles, add watermarks and more.

Note: By default the icon is grayed out. To activate the Edit menu, you have to select an item first. When a video file is selected, you can click the icon on the tool bar of main interface to edit selected file.

Trim Video

The "Trim" feature allows users to decide where to start and where to end when converting the selected clip, so that unwanted segments will be cut out after conversion.

To trim a video, please switch to "Trim" tab in "Video Editor" Interface and follow any of the methods below:

1. Drag the control sliders to include the segment you want to remain.
2. Click the left square bracket to set start point, and click the right square bracket to set end point when previewing the video.
3. Input specific values to "Start" and "End" box.


Tips: DumboFab DVD Ripper also offers "Previous Frame" and "Next Frame" options for users to select frames and trim accurately.

Crop Video

The "Crop" facility enables users to get rid of the black edges and unwanted area of the image.

Switch to "Crop" tab, and follow the below methods to crop selected video:

A: Crop video by dragging and dropping the crop frame

Simply move your mouse cursor to drag and adjust the green frame to desired position.

Crop Video

B: Crop video by setting values

In the Crop settings, you can customize values in the box of "Left","Top" and "Crop Size" to make your crop decision.

Crop Video

Add Subtitles

Under Subtitle Combox list, select Add Subtitle, you can add *.srt or *.ass/*.ssa subtitle-files to the video as hard subtitles.

text watermark

Add Watermark

DumboFab DVD Ripper allow users to add text, image and video watermark to stamp your videos with your name or other indentifying marks.

Under Text Watermark tab, check Enable, and then you can create a text watermark to personalize your video. Type whatever text you want in the blank input field next to it. You can also adjust the font, transparency, vertical and horizontal position of your watermark.

text watermark

Apply Effects and Adjust Volume

Under Effect tab, you can add special effects like Simple Gauss Blur, Flip Color, Invert, Aged Film to your source video. In Color Control section, you can correct color by adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation. You can also tick off "Deinterlacing" to keep good image quality.

apply effect

You can adjust the file volume by moving the slider.

adjust volume

Rotate Video

There're flip horizontal and flip vertical, anticlockwise and clockwise 4 options for you to rotate the video.

Flip Horizontally: Click to flip the image horizontally.

Flip Horizontally

Flip Vertical: Click to flip the image vertically.

Flip Vertical

Rotate conunter-clockwise: Click to rotate the image 90°towards left.

Rotate conunter-clockwise

Rotate clockwise: Click to rotate the image 90°towards right.

Rotate clockwise

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