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Always updated to support the latest releases.

I am so glad that DumboFab has created an incredible program for backing up my purchased Blu-ray and DVD original movies. I have bought other programs that eventually became outdated and useless with newer movies. These other programs did not always have predictable outcomes with image and sound qualities. The UI is fairly easy to use and it's always updated to support the latest releases.

By Dan H Ehrmann | 2023-06-27

Easy to use and pretty fast

I've used many such programs and spent a lot of money and time on them. This is the best one I have found. I used DumboFab to digitize my Blu-ray collection and put them in my NAS. The interface is clean and easy to use. And it is pretty fast as well.

By Andrew Chaikin | 2022-05-08

Really excellent, the best in class in the world

The DumboFab Blu-ray Ripper is really excellent, the best in class in the world. I am pleased to say I have been using this software continuously (so far about 2 years) since I purchsed it, to backup my Blu-ray and DVD's. So far I've only had one failed conversion but solved afterwards. Very pleased so far with the results.

By Devin Kelly | 2021-12-15

This was by far the best I found

I've been using it several times, it's been working great, lot's of converting options J+++. I am using a laptop with Windows 10 to do the conversion. I then transfer it to an external hard drive. When I am ready to put a movie on my iPad Air I drag and drop the file into Apple TV app. The software is pretty easy to use. I have used others in a trial setting, but this was by far the best I found.

By Michelle Grant | 2021-09-17

Easy to use and high quality

DumboFab Blu-ray Ripper doesn't let me down. A clean, clear interface makes it easy to use, and the output video delivers high quality.

By Aidan Mc Geown | 2020-08-03

Fast, effective, and fairly user-friendly

I just tried the program with a Blu-ray disc from my friend , and it worked quickly and flawlessly. If you want a fast, effective, and fairly user-friendly Blu-ray-ripping solution, DumboFab Blu-ray Ripper is the way to go.

By Gerald Flock | 2020-08-02


Amazing! I'm able to rip my Blu-rays to MKV without any awkward configuration. Backing up my Blu-ray and DVD collection has never been so easy.

By Michael McGee | 2020-07-21

Very good!

This software converts my Blu-ray discs to video files fast with high quality. The full copy mode even keeps the Blu-ray menu. Very good!

By Mary Bierman | 2020-07-16

Stable performance and fast speed

It can rip 2 types of disc, which are the Blu-ray and DVD disc. I downloaded the trial version to have a try. The performance is stable and the conversion speed is good. I am satisfied with it so I got the full version finally.

By Angelo Walker | 2020-07-12

Save my scratched DVD

My favorite DVD was scratched and I tried out lots of methods, it still won't play. I downloaded some free DVD ripper but they had no ability to read my DVD and said that my DVD is encrypted. But DumboFab Ripper saved my scratched DVD. I suggest you guys to download it for a try if in need.

By Olga Scott | 2020-07-03

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