Video Processing Tips Guides & tips for transcoding, resizing large 4K/HD videos for further convenient playback, smooth editing, or sharing without any trouble.

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video processing tips


What can video transcoding or resizing help you? It could be the key when playback error happens; or when video importing & editing issue occurs; or when you need to compress large file size...

Video/Audio Format Transcoding

You will get solutions of video to video transcoding, such as H.264 to H.265, video to video remuxing, such as MKV H.264 to MP4 H.264, video to audio extracting and best video settings in bitrate, frame rate, resolution, etc.

How to Convert and Import MKV File to iTunes

This article shares 3 simple solutions to help you add MKV files to iTunes library for syncing across iPad, iPhone, Apple TV etc.

Jason Eatock Oct. 09, 2020 Video Processing Tips

How to Batch Remux MKV to MP4 Without Re-encoding

In this article, we will introduce two practical methods to help you batch remux MKV files to MP4 files without conversion.

Jason Eatock Aug. 24, 2020 Video Processing Tips

How to Convert HEVC/H.265 to MP4 Free without Quality Loss

Here we will show 2 methods to convert HEVC/H.265 video to MP4 videos without losing video quality for free with 2 best H.265 video converter - DumboFab Video Converter and Handbrake.

Jason Eatock Aug. 20, 2020 Video Processing Tips

Top 3 Best Free Video Converters for macOS Catalina

Here is a list of the top 3 free video converter apps for macOS Catalina.

Jason Eatock Aug. 13, 2020 Video Processing Tips

What's the Best Video Format for Plex Streaming Without Transcoding

In this article, you'll find out what's the best video format to use for Plex streaming without transcoding. We also share some useful tips to help you avoid choppy playback and regular buffering for playing your media files thru Plex.

Chris Ellison Aug. 13, 2020 Video Processing Tips

Top 6 Free Video Converters for Windows 10 in 2020

Looking for the best free Windows 10 video converter software? We've got you covered with the best 6 free options for you choice. Keep reading to find a suitable one.

Jason Eatock Aug. 02, 2020 Video Processing Tips

Troubleshoot Video Editing in NLEs

Some video importing or editing problems in NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro, FCP X, Avid, Sony Vegas Pro are still unsolved? Find the effective solutions for your video editing issues and questions.

[Fixed] H.265/HEVC Doesn't Work in Premiere Pro

Get failure or error message when you try importing HEVC/H.265 videos from iPhone, DJI, GoPro, etc. to Adobe Premiere Pro? Here are 3 solutions to solve HEVC codec doesn't work in Premiere Pro.

Jason Eatock Aug. 02, 2020 Video Processing Tips

Large Video Size Compressing

4K Ultra high definition is already a challenge for both hardware and software. 4K video, generally coming with high frame rate, bulky file size/bit rates and newer-generation codec, will frequently yield troubles in the process of playback and post-production. Find the solutions here about compressing large 4K/HD video file size for smooth playback or editing.

What is Variable Frame Rate and How to Determine If A Video Has VFR?

In this article, you'll get clear understanding about Variable Frame Rate, and how to check if your video is VFR. Also I will look more closely at how it might impact our workflow.

Jason Eatock Aug. 11, 2020 Video Processing Tips

How to Fix 4K UHD Videos Not Playing on PC/Mac

This article explains the possible reasons and solutions to help you fix 4K UHD videos not playing on playing on PC (Windows 10) or Mac. Also workable for 4K video playback is freezing with stutters, laggy, choppy or out of sync.

Jason Eatock Aug. 11, 2020 Video Processing Tips

What is an MKV file and how to play MKV videos on computer

This page gives specific definition of what is MKV video/file format, the advantages/disadvantages of MKV file, and how to play or convert MKV video on PC/Mac.

Jason Eatock Aug. 07, 2020 Video Processing Tips

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